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Victims Can Exhibit All Sorts Of Mental And Emotional...

Victims can exhibit all sorts of mental and emotional reactions to the unwanted violation of assault. Mentally, the most common effects are PTSD, depression, and dissociation, all of which are not remediable overnight and ordinarily require outside help (Effects of Sexual Assault and Rape, 2017). Outside help includes speaking with a psychiatrist. However, the healing process is lengthened unnecessarily because it takes at least a year for 75% of child victims to tell someone what happened (The Assessment Center, 2016). For all ages, this waiting time before attempting to receive help serves the prevention of the healing process, thus prolonging the span of time spent in pain. At times it is difficult for the victims to heal as the†¦show more content†¦One method of raising awareness endorsed by the government, is the radKIDS self defense program. R.A.D. is an acronym that stands for Resisting Aggression Defensively. This is a ten hour program that teaches the children to recognize, avoid, resist, and if needed escape violence. However, the influence of radKIDS is limited severely in Idaho, as there is only one trained instructor. Throughout the USA, there are 1,285 trained instructors. On average, 25.7 instructors per state, alas this is nowhere near the actual number of instructors per state. Thirty one states possess below double digits, with several others with well over a hundred instructors (The national leader in children s safety, 2016). Emi Flamm, the sole instructor in Idaho, mentioned in a personal interview that much of the responsibility of keeping kids safe is placed on the parents. But the parents cannot maintain constant vigilance indefinitely. The kids participation in radKIDS empowers the children to be able to protect themselves when their parents cannot. Occasionally however, the child’s parents overlook the issue for a number of reasons. Private Affair At times it can be difficult for even the most loving parent to recognize and take protective action for their child. An exceedingly large number of child victims never disclose what occurred to them. A sex offender on average molests 120 victims, many of which are never reported (Child Abuse Statistics,Show MoreRelatedSchizophrenia, A Strange And Terrifying Journey1247 Words   |  5 Pagesneed to get in text citations throughout this paper Paranoia, hallucinations, emotional withdrawal - . fFor victims of schizophrenia everyday life is a strange and terrifying journey. Schizophrenia shatters people’s ability to feel, to communicate, to understand or interact with the everyday world. The symptoms represent what we know best about the disease however no one knows exactly why it strikes, who the next victim will be and how to reverse its life ruining effects. Schizophrenia is a disorderRead MoreDivorce And Its Effects On Children1343 Words   |  6 Pagesof children in the United States will experience parental divorce (Portnoy, 2008). Children with divorced parents struggle with negative consequences emotionally, mentally, and academically compared to those children from intact families.] Divorce can cause a life transforming experience on children that includes struggles in many areas. Divorce of the child s biological parents in detrimental to a child s well-being. Marlene Eskind Moses, a principal of MTR Family Law in Nashville, states childrenRead MoreSexual Abuse Causes Long Lasting Effects That Follow A1771 Words   |  8 PagesMilk and Honey presents the negative effects felt by victims of sexual abuse, in a novel way, and offers forms of healing through self-love to the reader, through chronological order from pain to healing. Fear displays itself as one of the most obvious effects of sexual abuse. Fear further affects relationships later in life as victims become afraid of physical contact. These issues arise from the association of touch and pain. As a result, victims of sexual abuse face issues with forming sexual relationsRead MoreEssay Psychopathy: Personality Disorder2114 Words   |  9 Pagespejorative† [1]. Some of these characteristics include irresponsibility, grandiosity, cunning, deceitfulness, selective impulsivity, sexual promiscuity, lack of empathy, etc. People who are psychopathic display not only antisocial behavior but also emotional impairment such as the lack of guilt. They are able to prey on others using their charm, deceit, violence or any other methods that allow them to get what they want. A strong feature of most of the behavior exhibited by individuals with psychopathyRead MoreViolence Is A Serious Problem Worldwide2003 Words   |  9 Pageswell-being. Abuse comes in numerous styles and does not discriminate against anybody; violence can and often does happen to people in every type of lifestyle, culture, occupation, social-class, religion and age group. Abuse, or violence, is considered to be any intentional and unwanted contact. Violence is a major public health problem in the United States, from infants to the elderly, it affects people in all stages of life. Violence is portrayed in the media, movies, and shows on television todayRead MorePosttraumatic Stress Disorder ( Ptsd )2078 Words   |  9 PagesTwenty percent of all American adults who experience traumatic events this year will go on to develop Posttraumatic Stress Disorder. It is estimated that 31 million United States citizens are suffering from the disorder at any given moment. Posttraumatic Stress Disorder is one of the world’s most prominent psychological issues, despite the fact that several people are not even familiar with its name. Posttraumatic Stress Disorder ( PTSD) is an anxiety disorder that may occur after experiencing traumatizingRead More Criminology Psychological Theories Essay1981 Words   |  8 Pagesdrug use and gang crimes. We can therefore argue that some emotional, psychological and biological characteristics make youths to indulge in gang crimes. It is hard to differentiate drug abuse and violence in United Kingdom or a cross the world at large. Adolescence drug use scares adults. The spectres of addiction, psychosis, alienation and rebellion provoke dramatic responses: legislations enact and create control agencies; social scientists conduct studies; and all these efforts are documentedRead MoreEssay on The Mind of a Serial Killer2293 Words   |  10 Pagesoverwhelming, causing some of the officers to gasp and run back up the stairs. In the basement, they find the remains of several young boys who have been molested and badly mutilated. What could cause someone to participate in such horrendous deeds? What sort of person is able to perform such wicked acts?   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Serial killers always have aroused the curiosity and concern of the public. People seem to be both fascinated and repulsed by their horrendous crimes. The stories make newspaper headlines, andRead More Macbeth Essay3374 Words   |  14 Pagesand Lady Macbeth pass from happiness to misery. Their punishment is well deserved but the retributive price is enormous. Evil, both internal and external corrupts their minds, distorting their positive traits and exaggerating their worst. Both fall victim to ‘vaulting ambition’, pride and greed, tempting them to acts of treason and betrayal of friends, kinsman and the nation itself. Warfare on the battlefield mirrors the metaphorical warfare being played out between the forces of good and evil withinRead MoreThe Twisted Mind of a Serial Killer2301 Words   |  10 Pagesoverwhelming, causing some of the officers to gasp and run back up the stairs. In the basement, they find the remains of several young boys who have been molested and badly mutilated. What could cause someone to participate in such horrendous deeds? What sort of person is able to perform such wicked acts? Serial killers always have aroused the curiosity and concern of the public. People seem to be both fascinated and repulsed by their horrendous crimes. The stories make newspaper headlines, and their

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Fixing Alcoholism With Psychology Essay - 966 Words

Fixing Alcoholism with psychology The subject that we will be fixing in this essay is ‘Doug’. Doug has a problem with drinking. He had an easy upbringing, but lived with a military father. Doug has been drinking since he was a teenager. Doug realizes that if he continues to drink that it will continue to damage his life. His drinking has caused major problems in his life already, he has gone through two divorces because he cannot stop drinking, he has lost two children, and broken his family. Doug uses drinking as a crutch. By helping Doug end his drinking habits, he could turn his life around for the better. Part One; Behaviorist Perspective; Classical Conditioning UCS→UCR (Unconditioned Stimulus→Unconditioned Response) CS→CR (Conditioned Stimulus→Conditioned Response) Classical Conditioning; â€Å"conditioning in which the conditioned stimulus (as the sound of a bell) is paired with and precedes the unconditioned stimulus (as the sight of food) until the conditioned stimulus alone is sufficient to elicit the response (as salivation in a dog)† (Webster). The original person that has been credited with this finding is Russian psychologist, Ivan Pavlov. Applying this perspective to the problem behavior; Whenever Doug normally goes to get a drink, there is nothing stopping him. If you were to snap, then hand Dug a non-alcoholic beverage every time he went for an alcoholic beverage; after a month of continuing this behavior you would only need to snap if he went forShow MoreRelatedDifferent Approaches to Mental Disorders in Psychology2113 Words   |  9 PagesGiven the amount of different mental disorders, the search to understand what causes them all seems vast. This essay will aim to present the assumptions that different models make about the origins and treatment of psychological disorders. Although there are a number of paradigms in the area of abnormal psychology, the biological, psychodynamic, behavioural and cognitive are the four major models which place distinct interpretations. Each of the different approaches is considered to the degree thatRead MoreAnalysis Of The Red Convertible By Louise Erdrich2044 Words   |  9 Pa gesDisorder and The Civil War† by Eric T. Dean, Jr., â€Å"Psychologists estimate that approximately five hundred thousand to 1.5 million of three million Vietnam veterans may suffer from symptoms of PTSD,† which includes â€Å"wide variety of problems, from alcoholism, drug abuse, divorce, homelessness, and unemployment, to anxiety disorders and suicide† (Dean 1). Not only did the Vietnam War cost many lives and a lot of money, but it also has serious influences on veterans. In the short story â€Å"The Red ConvertibleRead MoreAre People Rational Essay3367 Words   |  14 PagesEveryday people make decisions that affect themselves and other parties. This essay will discuss if people are rational and if people are reasonable. In particular will be focusing on whether people are rational in the economist’s sense, and, reasonable in the lawyer’s sense and whatever the outcome, does it matter? It is an important matter as peoples actions have effects , externalities on others, on third parties and it is significant to understand why people act the way they do and comprehendRead MoreCRM 1301 Midterm uOttawa Carolyn Gordon Essay10218 Words   |  41 PagesCesare Beccaria (1738-1794) Italian Aristocrat Was part of a group called Academy of Fist One of his brothers who worked in a prison allowed Beccaria to view the prison life 1764: anonymously published his book which criticized the Justice System Essay of Crime Punishment 1764 (was on the prohibited book list) Critique of criminal justice system, need to reform system and protect the rights of individuals Jeremy Bentham (1748-1832) Principle of Utilitarianism Demanding that laws and governmentRead MoreStephen P. Robbins Timothy A. Judge (2011) Organizational Behaviour 15th Edition New Jersey: Prentice Hall393164 Words   |  1573 PagesManagement Skills 8 †¢ Effective versus Successful Managerial Activities 8 †¢ A Review of the Manager’s Job 9 Enter Organizational Behavior 10 Complementing Intuition with Systematic Study 11 Disciplines That Contribute to the OB Field 13 Psychology 14 †¢ Social Psychology 14 †¢ Sociology 14 †¢ Anthropology 14 There Are Few Absolutes in OB 14 Challenges and Opportunities for OB 15 Responding to Economic Pressures 15 †¢ Responding to Globalization 16 †¢ Managing Workforce Diversity 18 †¢ Improving Customer ServiceRead MoreLogical Reasoning189930 Words   |  760 Pagescant? Or can you show that her reasoning isnt any good? One way to support a statement is to point out that the person making it is an expert. So you think about Juanitas and Emilios credentials. Lets see—Juanita is a student majoring in psychology, and Emilio is a communications major and works at a pet store. Does that make them authorities on Giardia and the safety of drinking water? No. So if you need an expert, you will have to search elsewhere. But you ask yourself: Is it really worthRead MoreDeveloping Management Skills404131 Words   |  1617 PagesI like to extend the boundaries. A good task is a well-prepared task. I try to avoid routine. SOURCE: Cognitive Style Indicator, Cools, E. and H. Van den Broeck. (2007) â€Å"Development and Validation of the Cognitive Style Indicator.† Journal of Psychology, 14: 359–387. LOCUS OF CONTROL SCALE This questionnaire assesses your opinions about certain issues. Each item consists of a pair of alternatives marked with a or b. Select the alternative with which you most agree. If you believe bothRead MoreHuman Resources Management150900 Words   |  604 PagesMargaret Shaffer and David Harrison conducted research using a sample of over 600 expatriates living in 45 countries to determine reasons behind their decisions to quit their international assignments. Using their research, as reported in Personnel Psychology, the authors of the study built a model to predict turnover among expatriates. The picture that emerged from the research was consistent with what turnover research in the United States has found: Work-related factors of job satisfaction and organiza- Read MoreLibrary Management204752 Words   |  820 Pagesdescribe the functions of a manager. 7. Henry Mintzberg, The Nature of Managerial Work (New York: Harper Row, 1980). 8. See, for instance, Jeffrey S. Shippman, Eri c Prien, and Gary L. Hughes, â€Å"The Content of Management Work,† Journal of Business and Psychology 5 (March 1991): 325–54. 9. Robert Katz, â€Å"Skills of an Effective Administrator,† Harvard Business Review 52 (September–October 1974): 90–102. 10. G. Edward Evans, â€Å"Management Education for Archivists, Information Managers and Librarians: Is ThereRead MoreProject Mgmt296381 Words   |  1186 Pages1984. In 1995 he worked as a Fulbright scholar with faculty at the Krakow Academy of Economics on modernizing Polish business education. In 2005 he was a visiting professor at Chulalongkorn University in Bangkok, Thailand. He received a B.A. in psychology from Claremont McKenna College and a Ph.D. in management from State University of New York at Buffalo. He is a certified project management professional (PMP) and Scrum Master. Clifford F. Gray CLIFFORD F. GRAY is professor emeritus of management

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Employee Motivation Essays - 1371 Words

Employee Motivation What motivates employees today? This is an increasing concern to managers today because the definition of motivation is a very complex. One cannot actually define motivation but can give theories to better explain it. In this paper, I am going to talk about some of the major theories and factors that affect motivation at the job. The first theory is the two-factor theory which was suggested by Fred Herzberg. Herzberg was one of the first to suggest a model of the motivational properties of task design based on his two-factor theory of satisfaction. (Mowday Steers) The study he conducted found that factors that led to†¦show more content†¦The second is the performance-outcome expectancy, which means that the employee believes that the level of performance given will result in a desired reward or outcome. The last factor of Vrooms model is valence or what value the employee puts on the effort, pe rformance, and outcome. The employee must then rate each factor depending on its attractiveness with +1.0 being highly attractive or -1.0 being highly unattractive. This value can then be multiplied by the associated valence to yield a summary index of the psychological force on an individual to exert effort. (Vecchio p77) The closer the number to +1.0 indicates full assurance that the event will take place. According to Mowday and Steers, the expectancy theory appears to offer a conceptual richness that facilitates better understanding of how task design influences employee motivation. The third and one of the more early theories of motivation is the achievement motivation theory. This theory is best explained by David McClelland. McClelland focused on three different needs: the need for achievement, the need for affiliation, and the need for power. His studies show that people who are involved in situations that have a moderate risk, dont rely on luck, and want feedback on how their doing tend to have a high need for achievement. AlthoughShow MoreRelatedThe Motivation And Employee Motivation1584 Words   |  7 PagesThe central problem that always employers and employees face is the employee motivation. The workers who put no effort to do their best in their jobs which will lead to low quality of work and give no benefit to the organization are the one who are not motivated (Amabile 1993). On the other side, employees who are apparently to be very intelligent, action oriented, ambitious, autonomous and always put an effort and sacrifice their time to put the organization at the ease are the one who feel motivatedRead MoreEmployee Motivation886 Words   |  4 PagesThis is a dissertation abstract on Employee Motivation: Why study motivation? To state it simple you need to know motivation to be a better leader to accomplish your business goals. Employees are like sheep you need to lead them to accomplish the mission. It is much easier to lead a group of individuals when they have a vested interest to accomplish it. You create that interest through motivation. The key to a successful organization in many ways is motivation. It is one of the most difficult tasksRead MoreEmployee Motivation 1164 Words   |  5 Pages Bauer and Erdrogen (2009) define motivation as â€Å"the desire to achieve a goal or a certain performance level, leading to goal–directed behavior† (p.97). McConnell (2006) argues that true motivation is self motivation. Today, health care organizations place a lot of emphasis on production and performance. However, motivating employees is a common challenge faced by health care managers and Bauer and Erdrogen (2009) state it is also one of the factors that greatly affect performance. McConnell (2006)Read MoreMotivation of Employee2476 Words   |  10 PagesMotivation of Employee People join and work in organization to satisfy their needs. They are fascinated to organizations that have the funds of rewarding their wants. These wealth are called â€Å"incentives (compensation, benefits)† (M. Maccoby, 9) of rewards; organizations use them to initiate people to contribute their efforts on the way to achieve organizational goals. The continued existence of an organization depends on its capability to attract and stimulate people to accomplish these individualRead MoreEmployee Motivation2339 Words   |  10 PagesEmployee Motivation A question often asked by first-line supervisors and managers is â€Å"How do we motivate our employees?† Effectively motivating employees to achieve a desired outcome is one of the most important functions as a supervisor or manager. There is evidence to show organizations are facing challenges retaining employees due to limited opportunities for advancement and the current competitive labor market. It does not appear things will get any better in the future. The loss of employeesRead MoreEmployee Motivation9463 Words   |  38 PagesInsights Into Employee Motivation, Commitment and Retention Barbara J. Kreisman Ph.D. Research/White Paper Insights Denver February, 2002 The Leadership Journey is a supervisory, management, and leadership training system consisting of 24 courses delivered on DVD, CD-ROM, VHS, and Online. Call 1-800-541-7872 or visit to preview courses. Page 1 Table of Contents Executive Summary†¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦.3 W hy Employee Retention and Motivation Is Important†¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦.5 Turbulence In The Work Environment†¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Read MoreMotivation Theories And Motivation Of Employee Motivation Essay1517 Words   |  7 Pagesour control and some that are not. Employee motivation is something that can directly affect an organizations production. It is no secret that un-motivated employees equates to un-productive workers, but how can we combat this? In order to better understand this concept we will look at the definition of employee motivation, some of the motivation theories and some motivation techniques that could be useful in our organizations. What is employee motivation? Motivation is a word used quite often in manyRead MoreMotivation And Efficiency Of Employee Motivation Essay2331 Words   |  10 PagesMotivation is defined as â€Å"the process that account for an individual’s intensity, direction and persistence of effort toward attaining a goal†¦Ã¢â‚¬  (Robbins Judge, 2016, p. 126). It is a flat out need to keep employees motivated in the workplace and boost them to perform beyond expectations. In addressing what elements of employment result in both motivation and efficiency, this paper briefly sketches some of the theories of motivation applied in workforce and analyses how these theories are appliedRead MoreEmployee Motivation And Motivation Theory1878 Words   |  8 Pagesvaluable resources for companies and them could be competitive advantages for modern companies. It is important for modern companies to improve employee satisfaction and performance so that they can improve their organisational performance and competitiveness (Armstrong, 2006). As a result, Employee’s motivation management is significantly for companies. Motivation is a cognitive process to guide, initiate, direct and maintain goal-oriented activities. It can also be defined as the driving forces directingRead MoreMotivation Strategy For Employee Motivation Essay2082 Words   |  9 Pagesthe strength and weaknesses of at least two theories of motivation. With the rapid changes of modern business environment, the competition between organizations becomes more and more fierce. In order to be competitive enough to stand out from the rest, businesses try to enhance their competitiveness by improving different area in the management aspect. In addition to, as service sector has become the most dominant industry nowadays, employee?s performance become more crucial as it can directly affect

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Healthcare in South Australia Free Samples †

Question: Discuss about the Healthcare in South Australia. Answer: Healthcare in South Australia The Southern Australia provides an improved health care to the public by providing effective leadership in health reforms, medical research and public health services. The south Australian health services provides several important services to the SA community, which includes- Public hospitals, environmental health policies, delivery of metropolitan and public health, epidemiology, control of communicable diseases, excellent pathology services, emergency and ambulance services, organ donation services (Britt et al. 2012). The SA dental service also provides a vast range of dental services for children as well as the adults. The dental service is publicly funded and also works in partnership with the University of Adelaide to train and educate a large number of States dental work force. It has been reported that all children and all young people under the 18 years of age are eligible of attending the school Dental Service regardless of the parents or guardians (Chrisopoulos, Harford a nd Ellershaw. 2016). Adults are eligible for getting the basic dental service. The older adults can have a current concession card or a Department of Veterans affairs Pensioner concession card. If one is not an Australian resident then he or she can access the dental care service at his or her own cost. The SA health collaborates with other government agencies to provide an appropriate care service to the consumers. The infrastructure directorate of SA helps in the strategic planning and the evaluation of the requirements of the public health infrastructure system. It provides leadership for the health assets of the SA (Corallo et al.2014). It is responsible for delivering security services to the SA health. The South Australia has taken up the health in all policies. The health in all policies actually has its origin in Europe. It has been implemented in the latest European health strategies and it has been implemented highly by the all the countries of the European Union. Dental problems are very common among the population of South Australia. As the population of the older adult is high in this state, the oral health status of this state has to be focused on. Oral health diseases are also a major financial cost to the south Australian community. Australias first National oral health plan (National plan) has been endorsed by the Australian ministry of health conference in order to make oral health an important part of the general health, in order to help out the common people to access appropriate and affordable services. Researches and oral health evaluation is made in order to ensure an essential and sufficiently skilled workforce and communities that effectively promote good oral health. This approach has said to improve the outcomes in patient. HiAP has been introduced in South Australia to extend its vow to joined-up government. Importantly, the South Australian Health in All Policies approach stretches the European HiAP work for strengthening the focus on improved health care through the achievement of the goals, and contributing towards bridging the gap between theory and practice. Health care in Australia Health care in Australia is mainly provided by government hospitals, private physicians. Half of the cost of the medical services is served by either the government agencies, or paid privately by the clients or provided by the private insurance agencies and the rest is paid by the clients privately. It is known that the Australian government spends 9% of its GDP in health care, which can be close to many OECD countries but is much less than U.S (Duckett and Willcox. 2015). The funding of health care via government is brought about by the Medicare schemes, which provides universal access to a wide range of health services. This thing is brought about by general taxation system. The Australian Medicare system has strengthened the health indicators and has helped to increase the life expectancy rate among the Australians. There are a number of health services in the New South Wales. They are- NSW ambulance, good health infrastructure, Health share NSW providing corporate and information technological services health, NSW health pathology, E- health NSW, which is an organization that provides a state wise leadership on the delivery, shape and management of the information council technology led healthcare (Duckett and Willcox. 2015). Other services that are provided are proper dental health clinics, local health districts and specialty network. There are several pillar organizations in order to review the clinical variation and support the clinical network in the development of the good service. There is a cancer institute and bureau of health information and an agency of clinical innovation. The health care services provided in Queensland is provided by government and non government organizations, professionals, private companies and voluntary groups (Duckett and Willcox. 2015). It has been reported that the Queensland health provides with free public hospital services across 15 service districts. In Tasmania there is a wide range of government health care services. The government is continuously striving to provide a good patient service. But it has to be noted that the Tasmania needs more funding when it is coming to health. It needed more improved care community, discharge care and training in the medical students (Devaux and De Looper. 2012). The health care system is Victoria provides a wide range health care benefit to the Victoria. In Victoria, the treatment in the public hospital is free whereas in Private it is to be paid by the consumer depending on the type of insurance benefit one select. The ambulatory care service is provided by the Victorian government. The emergency department is efficient in dealing with the critical patients. Like the other states of Australia, the West Australian health system also provides a combined care to the consumers. Health care funding is supported by the government or by the private health care providers, largely depending on the Medicare facilities. The services got are skilled general practitioners, wide range of health services including child health, school health, woman health, community and sexual health, organized programs on immunizations (Devaux and De Looper. 2012). The public hospitals are owned by the government of the state. There are some private hospitals that work in partnership with the WA health to provide free service to the customers. The dental health in west Australia is in an alarming position. Nearly half of the 6 years old babies have dental carries. Medical system in other OECD countries Balancing the health care and costs are the common motto of most of the OECD countries. The recent economic and the financial crisis have brought about miseries in the fiscal positions. It should be noted that the public spending on health care had always been voluptuous. It has been reported that most of the OECD countries spend about 6 % of it GDP in health care (Astolfi, Lorenzoni and Oderkirk. 2012). Health care outcomes can be measured on the basis of certain factors such as the longevity, survival rates in patients, number of hospital readmissions and the numbers of hospital discharges. It should be noted that the health status have changed in the OECD countries for the past few years. It has been reported that Japan spends less on health per capita income, but they have got a very high health status. Other countries like Iceland, Sweden and Italy have also high health status. The oral health care is one of the major problems in the OECD countries (Fineberg. 2012). The dental health is alarming in many countries such as Bolivia, Poland, Phillipines, Bolivia including Australia. The middle of South America has some of the worst oral health of the region. A comparative study reveals that countries like Japan, Korea and Switzerland achieve best to transform money into health outcome. Countries like Denmark, Greece, Hungary and Slovak Republic are successful in improving the heath outcome keeping the spending constant. Name of the top best hospitals in South Australia The Royal Adelaide hospital John Hopkins hospital The Repatriation general hospital Flinders Medical centre (FMC) Lyell McEwin hospital (LMH) Queen Elizabeth Hospital Comparison of health care facilities between South Australia and other states of Australia Population of SA is highly concentrated in the urban areas. 80% of the people reside in Adelaide and the outer surrounding areas (Duckett and Willcox 2015). It also has the highest population of older people, thus requires extra health facilities. It has been reported that the health spending in Australia has increased by 2.9% in compared with many other OECD countries and it has also been reported that most of the health facilities are consumed by the couth Australian community (Farrar et al. 2013). It has been reported that the potentially avoidable hospitalizations for COPD is highest in South Australia compared to the other states of Australia. Effective treatment for these clinical conditions can be got at the primary level of care, and the cost effectiveness of the hospitalizations makes it easy for the people to get the desired care. In South Australia, the age sex standardized cases for asthma is about 64.7 per 1000-00 population, compared with the other OECD countries. It ha s been reported that the rate of hospital admissions the South Australia is 323.8 per 100000 populations, which is considerably higher considered to many OECD countries. One of the greatest problems in South Australia is the problem of obesity, which cannot be found profoundly in the other states of Australia. There are certain areas in health care where South Australia has to improve. Inspite of all these South Australia performs well when it considering the overall population health. Recent studies say that at 82.2 years, the life expectancy in Australia is the sixth highest compared to the other OECD countries (Devaux and De Looper 2012). The states record on colorectal cancer and breast cancer survival is among the best. It has also been reported that this state has one of the lowest records of tobacco consumption. Challenges faced by South Australia in terms of general and oral health. In spite of the possible measures taken to improve the oral health in South Australia, there are certain challenges that have to be accomplished. There are funding facilities for the accessing to the dental health care but the loss of the common wealth Dental health program in 1996 reduced the funding availability for the treatment of 400000 South Australian card holders, who were eligible for a dental care that is publicly funded (Hadad, Hadad and Simon-Tuval. 2013). This reduced their timely access to the dental care. Furthermore the large number of aging population and the dental decay among the children are some of the challenges that are faced by the South Australian health care (Arrow, Raheb and Miller 2013). IT has got high rate of hospital admissions for the chronic diseases which have to be decreased considerably in the primary care. Another factor is the inaccessibility of the health care by the aged population due to the transportation or cost (Hall. 2015). Strategies taken up to improve health care facilities in South Australia Proper strategies have to be taken up to reduce the number of factors such as hospital admissions due to COPD, chronic illness (Elshaug et al. 2012). The government has to establish a new model of care, where a wide range of services should be available within a local clinical network. The country hospitals should have a strengthened capacity to deliver a basal level of care to the local community and the broader district. The emergency services, acute and intermediate care, community and primary care (Australian Research Centre for Population Oral Health, 2012). The country general hospital should be able to develop highly specialized care units, which should be close to the residential aged care. The health care facility should be reachable to all the classes and even to the remote areas (Runciman et al. 2012). There should be small rural health clinics that will support the fundamental health care services across the countries. The existing health care setting should work on their workforce in order to deliver an appropriate care (Baum. 2016). Proper programs should be arranged by the ministry of health care in order to impart education to the hospital staffs and the patients for self management of the diseases like COPD and obesity. Proper monitoring and proper discharge goals can help in reducing the hospital readmissions. Proper and assessment of the signs and symptoms and risk management techniques can improve the delivery of care to the patients (Grol et al. 2013). Emphasis also has to be given in improving the aboriginal health care. In a nutshell the steps that is required are- Keeping patient as the primary objectives of all kinds of planning of the health services. Encouraging self management Recognition of the needs of people from culturally diverse background, such as the aboriginals. To maintain a balance between the in hospital and the out of hospital care services. Providing intermediate or primary health care service regarding oral health Provision of appropriate Medicare services in terms of general and oral health. In a word it can be said that a lot of researches are still required to understand the loops and the flaws of the South Australian health care. And proper quality improvement and the risk management strategies can advance the health care facilities of South Australia. References Arrow, P., Raheb, J. and Miller, M., 2013. Brief oral health promotion intervention among parents of young children to reduce early childhood dental decay.BMC public health,13(1), p.245. Astolfi, R., Lorenzoni, L. and Oderkirk, J., 2012. Informing policy makers about future health spending: a comparative analysis of forecasting methods in OECD countries.Health Policy,107(1), pp.1-10. Australian Research Centre for Population Oral Health, 2012. The avoidance and delaying of dental visits in Australia.Australian dental journal,57(2), pp.243-247. Baum, F., 2016.The new public health(No. Ed. 4). Oxford University Press. Britt, H., Miller, G.C., Henderson, J., Bayram, C., Valenti, L., Harrison, C., Charles, J., Pan, Y., Zhang, C., Pollack, A.J. and O'Halloran, J., 2013.General Practice Activity in Australia 2012-13: BEACH: Bettering the Evaluation and Care of Health(No. 33). Sydney University Press. Chrisopoulos, S., Harford, J.E. and Ellershaw, A., 2016.Oral health and dental care in Australia: key facts and figures 2015. Australian Institute of Health and Welfare. Corallo, A.N., Croxford, R., Goodman, D.C., Bryan, E.L., Srivastava, D. and Stukel, T.A., 2014. 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Musical Terms free essay sample

I Basso continuo* I The bass line that Is filled In by chords by various Instruments even though written for one, I Routinely* I In a fast movement of a concerto, recurring thematic material played at the beginning and repeating varied throughout. I Libretto I Literary text for an opera or other musical stage work. I Castrato* I Castrated male singers to sing castrato. I Monotheistic I one theme. I Sonata* I Genre in several movements for one or more instruments/baroque instrumental piece with contrasting movements often with imitative counterpoint.I Monody I An accompanied solo song/texture of solo singer and accompaniment. Concerto* I Composition for a solo Instrument or instruments accompanied by an orchestra mainly. Large scale. I Mass I Musical work setting the texts of the ordinary of the mass. I Fugue* I Imitative section that is based on a single subject beginning with successive statements of the subject. We will write a custom essay sample on Musical Terms or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page I Motet* I Polyphonic vocal composition. Sacred,secular text in Latin or French. I Canon I Instrumental work adapted from a chanson/several contrasting sections often in imitative counterpoint.I Ricer I Elaborate instrumental composition in fugal or canonic style. I In nominee I English polyphonic instrumental music, many imposition were given this name. I Concertina I A mixture of the symphony and the concerto genres: a concerto in that one or more soloists are on prominent display with symphony orchestra accompaniment. I Intermediate I Musical interlude on a pastoral, mythological subject performed before, between or after the acts of a spoken comedy or tragedy. I Aria I A long, accompanied song for a solo voice, typically one in an opera or oratorio.I Sonata De chaise* I Intended for performance in the church slow fast slow fast, one of more treble instruments and continuo. I Sonata De camera* I A suite of stylized dances, scored for one or ore treble Instruments and continuo. I Toccata* I Piece of keyboard Instrument or lute resembling an Improvisation that may Include Emulative sections or may serve as a prelude to an independent fugue. I Prelude* I Introductory piece for solo instrument in a style of improvisation. Of introductory movement in a suite or opera.I Fantasia I Imitative piece on a single subject/composition that resembles Improvisation and lacks strict form. I Piccalilli* I Baroque genre of variations over a repeated bass line or harmonic progression in triple meter. I Suite* I Setoffs stylized dance pieces, baroque pieces linked together into a single work. I continuous movement with an upbeat. First off dance suite. I Accurate I Dance in binary form in compound meter at a moderate tempo and with an upbeat. Part of a dance suite.I Serenade I French baroque music, slow dance in binary form and n triple meter, often emphasizing the second beat. Standard movement of a suite. I Segue I Binary form marked by fast compound meter with wide melodic leaps and continuous triplets. Typically begin with imitation. I Minuet I Dance in moderate triple meter, two- measure units and binary form. I Bourne I Quick French dance in double time. I Confusion I Italian opera overture/early symphony/abstract ensemble piece, introduction to vocal work.I Cantata* I Form of Lutheran church music combining poetic texts with texts drawn from chorales or the bible. I Chorale* I Strophic hymn n the Lutheran tradition, sung by the congregation. I Parody* I Changing or recycling existing (usually very well known) musical ideas or lyrics/copying the peculiar style off composer or artist, or even a general style of music. I Streets* I A section of a fugue in which successive introductions of the subject enter at shorter intervals than before, increasing the sense of excitement.

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Of Mice And Man Essays - English-language Films, Of Mice And Men

Of Mice And Man Essays - English-language Films, Of Mice And Men Of Mice And Man The book that I have read that has really stayed with me is Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck. I really enjoyed reading it which is unusual because I usualy don't enjoy reading to much. There was something about George and Lennie's friendship that really made me think. Seeing how they were and how they shared life was really intresting. George didn't have to bother with Lennie, he could have abandoned him and gone on his own way. But he did not do that, he stayed with Lennie watching over him almost like a parent to a child. Even though Lennie always got Georege in trouble, George never stoped loving him and always stood by him. The friendship they shared went beyond what was transparent they each shared a dream and both knew they ment the world to each other. I felt that if these totaly different people could get along and look out for each other, why can't we get along with people who are different than us. They made me realize that I could learn something from how to treat people who are differnt than me. What I also liked about it was the way they never stopped trying to reach their dream. This made me think that if they could work hard for there dream why can't I. It showed me that it does not matter were you come from or what you do, it is okay to dream and work as hard as you can to reach it. For all it shows for friendship and loyalty it also shows how sometimes you have to do things you never thought you would do. For example in the end when George is forced to shoot Lennie in the head you would never have thought he would do that, but you can see that under the circumstances he had no other choice. He only had two choices let the other people get to him first and watch them torture Lennie while he died a long horrible death or do it himself and get it over quick were Lennie did not know what hit him. This is also true in life, many times we are faced with tuff choices and even though they may be the hardest you will have to go through, you know that that is the only way. You come to the realization that everything you thought you was about, can all change with a blink of the eye.

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Promoting Democracy in Cuba Annotated Bibliography

Promoting Democracy in Cuba - Annotated Bibliography Example The author points to limitations on both sides of the fence in terms of the absorptive capacity of the targeted country and the ability of the promoting country to provide appropriate support. He stresses the dangers that may result from over-selling democracy which may reduce a prospective country’s commitment to the process and refers to some of the problems that occur under perverse examples of democracy assistance and promotion. The author indicates that evaluating democracy assistance continues to be an extremely imprecise art which is affected by elements of doubt and offers assistance in terms of approaches to take in promoting democracy internationally. The following study looks at the future of democracy in Cuba and shows how active and direct democracy has worked against the Cuban communist regime. The author who is a lecturer at the University of Colorado indicates that the promotion of the democracy has led to changes in the political economic system in Cuba. The imposition of economic blockade by the United States government is both direct and active as the aim of this drastic measure is to place direct pressure on the Cuban government to change its political system. All countries depend on trade and the United States is a powerful trading partner with states such as Florida a stone throw away. The author also indicates that demise of socialist economic system in the Soviet Union has also had a devastating though indirect impact on Cuba because of the preferential trade agreements which the government of Cuba had with the Soviet bloc. This is indirect and passive because it is through the direct promotion of democracy in the Soviet Union that led to changes in the political economic system on Cuba. The fact that the Soviet Union no longer exists meant that the Cuban governm ent lost the support that allowed them to stave off some of the negative impact that the US economic blockade presented. Both of these have led